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At 04:45 PM 2/6/2001 -0800, you wrote:
>Okay now lookee here. I was red with humiliation and
>in a generally black mood about it. My wife thought it
>was another woman and was green with jealousy, and
>that made me too yellow to confront her. No longer in
>the pink of mental health, I spent the day feeling
>blue about the depths of despair I'd sunk to, and now
>you, YOU, bring this purple prose back to life Mr.
>Putnam. What are you? Some kind of Brown Shirt? The
>pucker factor from seeing the chromatic issue heaved
>up once more struck me so hard that now I have
>sepia-cordovan marks in my off-white dainties. Well, I
>hope you're happy.

Your original statement was correct if you were referring to light. I
thought I could save you humiliation and ward off anyone that wanted to
call you a maroon. I tried you help and this is the thanks I get. Now I'm
red with anger as the purple veins in my temples bulge. Sorry I mad your
day gray.

Actually my reply was composed before I read the rest of my mail and saw
the large number of physics experts that had already given you the details
of light refraction.

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