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Wow, you guys are just fountains of information.
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> yuramac at writes:
> >Thomas, you have it exactly backwards. Black is all
> >spectra, not white. Don't believe it? mix the primary
> >colors together and see what you get.
> >
> >MCSpearing
> Sorry to disagree here.  When speaking of light, white contains the entire
> spectrum.  A prism or rainbow separates the components of white light
> which produces ROYGBIV.  If you combine the three primary colors (red,
> blue, and green) you get white.  Black on the other hand, if you have ever
> been spelunking, is the absence of light.
> You are referring to the 'subtractive' primary colors of red, blue, and
> yellow.  While this does produce black, it does so because each color
> absorbs certain wavelengths, thereby only emitting certain wavelengths.
> By combining these colors, one effectively causes the mixture to absorb
> the full spectrum, therefore appearing black.
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