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Simpson Surrenders, Posts Bond
Associated Press Writer

MIAMI (AP) — O.J. Simpson surrendered to authorities Friday on charges 
stemming from a December traffic altercation where a motorist accused him 
of reaching into his car and pulling off his glasses.

Simpson walked into a Miami-Dade County jail at noon Friday, then was taken 
to an unmarked police car and driven to the back of the sprawling jail. He 
was booked and posted $9,000 bond, his attorney Yale Galanter said.

Simpson is charged with burglary of a car, a felony, and battery, a 
misdemeanor. If convicted, he faces up to 15 years in prison on the 
burglary charge and up to one year in county jail on the battery charge.

He made no comment to reporters as he walked to the police car.

Motorist Jeffrey Pattinson, 55, said Simpson caused a small scratch on his 
face when he pulled the glasses off during the dispute.

Pattinson told police he slammed on his brakes and honked his horn at a 
black Lincoln Navigator after he saw the SUV drive past a stop sign in 
suburban Kendall, where O.J. now lives.

The Navigator stopped, and Simpson got out and walked toward Pattinson's 
car, where they argued briefly, according to Pattinson's account.

Pattinson said he heard a young girl shouting, ``No, Daddy, no, Daddy, 
no!'' when Simpson reached into his car and grabbed his glasses.

Simpson has denied wrongdoing. He said Pattinson shouted at him and he 
shouted back, then returned to his car and drove his two youngest children 

Friday, his attorney called the encounter ``a road rage misunderstanding.'' 
``Mr. Simpson not the aggressor in that incident,'' Galanter said.

A woman answering the phone at Pattinson's home said he would have no comment.

A jury acquitted Simpson of the June 1994 slayings of his ex-wife Nicole 
Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. In a subsequent civil trial, 
Simpson was found liable for the killings in a suit filed by their 
families. He was ordered to pay $33.5 million in damages.

Simpson moved to the Miami area early last year. Since 1999, police have 
responded four times to reported disturbances between Simpson and his 
on-and-off girlfriend, Christie Prody. He was not charged in any of those 

Most recently, police were called to his home in late January after a 
neighbor called to report an argument. Prody told police Simpson was angry 
that she came home late.

In October 1999, police responded to a 911 call Simpson placed from Prody's 
house. According to a police report, Simpson said Prody had been on a 
cocaine binge. Simpson later called that a misunderstanding.

In May of last year, police were called to a Miami hotel after Simpson and 
Prody got into a loud dispute and Prody allegedly slapped and kicked him. 
Simpson refused to press charges. In September, Prody accused him of using 
a key to break into her home, erase a message on her answering machine and 
take a letter. She called police but did not press charges.

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