OJ Still Looking For Killer

rum.runner at JUNO.COM rum.runner at JUNO.COM
Fri Feb 9 18:57:20 MST 2001

... on the golf course I'll bet.

Did everyone see where he had to post a $9,000 bond in Florida for
alledgedly assaulting a motorist (i.e. reaching in the vehicle and
grabbing the driver's eyeglasses).  He looks a little more puffy in the
face doesn't he?  Must be the rigorous schedule of finding the murderer
of his wife and Goldman.  But, what I thought was rather out of
character, was his hamming with the news camera.  Let's all pray that OJ
get what's coming to him.  I wonder if there are any out of work throat
slashers out there?  I wonder also if OJ has joined Throat Slashers

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