Linda Tripp ... Ugly Broad or ...

John blueoval at SGI.NET
Fri Feb 9 22:06:16 MST 2001

At 09:51 PM 2/9/01 -0600, rum.runner at JUNO.COM wrote:
>... an ugly Transexual?
>Did anyone see her on Larry King Live?

         Nope, I missed that. Larry King turns my stomach, anymore. When I
broke into professional broadcasting 20 years ago, my first radio job was
as local broadcast "engineer" for the local affiliate that carried his old
all-night syndicated show. A local engineer's job is to maintain the feed
through the studios and over your transmitter. It's basically means being a

         I was a "King-A-Holic" at first. But, the longer I worked that
shift, the less I liked what I heard. Rush has said that he, too, once
idolized King, when Limbaugh got into talk radio. But, King hates
Limbaugh's guts.

>Damn, she looked like she needed a fix! She looks like she's lost quite a
>bit of weight.

         And I think OJ found it!   :-)  Did anyone else notice how puffy
Juice looked at the time of his "surrender"?

         Did anyone see Hannity & Colmes tonight, on Fox? The Great Dr.
Walter Williams tore Alan Colmes a new one on the tax cut issue. That was
broadcasting at its finest!

John Q.
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