Linda Tripp ... Ugly Broad or ...

MC Spearing yuramac at YAHOO.COM
Fri Feb 9 22:25:37 MST 2001

I don't mean to pick a fight here, but what the hell
difference does it make how much of a babe Linda Tripp
is or is not? The lady blew the whistle on the toe-jam
residing in squalor at 1600 Pennsylvania at the time.
That makes her drop-dead gorgeous in my eyes.


--- rum.runner at JUNO.COM wrote:
> ... an ugly Transexual?
> Did anyone see her on Larry King Live?  Damn, she
> looked like she needed
> a fix!  She looks like she's lost quite a bit of
> weight.  On a scale of 1
> to 10, I'd rate her a -4.

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