HUMOR>>If PC Operating Systems Were Houses

carl william spitzer iv cwsiv_2nd at JUNO.COM
Sun Feb 11 19:46:16 MST 2001

     Windows: You live in a tract house, exactly the same as  all
          the other houses.  It was the one they gave to you, and
          you've  learned to live with it.  It's convenient  that
          all the houses are the same, because if you visit  your
          neighbor's house, you can find your way around OK.  You
          have  to  move out of your house and back  into  it  at
          least once a day, or it will burn down.

     Linux: You had to build your own house out of pre-fabricated
          pieces you found lying around, left there by  anonymous
          donors.   There  are  companies that will  sell  you  a
          house,  but it's only a bedroom and half a garage.   If
          you're good at building, you can have yourself any kind
          of house, from a bungalow to a skyscraper.

     OS/2: You live in a dilapidated, once-proud townhouse  owned
          by an absentee landlord.  Someone comes around once  in
          awhile  to patch the roof and fix the pipes, but  major
          renovations are out of the question.  It's in an incon-
          venient part of town, but at least you have your pride.

     Windows 2000: You're living in one of the nice tract  houses
          while  they work on your new residence.  It's going  to
          be  small  enough  to fit in your  pocket,  while  also
          sleeping hundreds.  And it flies.  They'll send for you
          when it's ready.

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