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                          February 12, 2001

     The  Abe  Lincoln  They Didn't Want You to  Learn  About  in

     For Lincoln's birthday, we pass along this essay:

                          The American Lenin

                 by L.  Neil Smith <lneil at>

                     L.  Neil Smith's Webley Page

          It's  harder  and harder these days to tell  a  liberal
     from a conservative -- given the former category's  increas-
     ingly blatant hostility toward the First Amendment, and  the
     latter's prissy new disdain for the Second Amendment --  but
     it's still easy to tell a liberal from a libertarian.

          Just ask about either Amendment.

          If what you get back is a spirited defense of the ideas
     of  this  country's Founding Fathers, what you've got  is  a
     libertarian.  By shameful default, libertarians have  become
     America's  last  and only reliable stewards of the  Bill  of

          But  if -- and this usually seems a bit more  difficult
     to  most people -- you'd like to know whether an  individual
     is  a libertarian or a conservative, ask about Abraham  Lin-

          Suppose  a  woman  -- with plenty  of  personal  faults
     herself,  let  that be stipulated -- desired  to  leave  her
     husband: partly because he made a regular practice, in order
     to  go out and get drunk, of stealing money she  had  earned
     herself by raising chickens or taking in laundry; and partly
     because he'd already demonstrated a proclivity for  domestic
     violence the first time she'd complained about his stealing.

          Now,  when  he stood in the doorway and beat her  to  a
     bloody pulp to keep her home, would we memorialize him as  a
     hero?  Or  would we treat him like a dangerous  lunatic  who
     should be locked up, if for no other reason, then for trying
     to  maintain  the appearance of a relationship  where  there
     wasn't  a relationship any more? What value, we  would  ask,
     does he find in continuing to possess her in an  involuntary
     association, when her heart and mind had left him long ago?

          History  tells us that Lincoln was a politically  ambi-
     tious  lawyer  who eagerly prostituted himself  to  northern
     industrialists  who were unwilling to pay world  prices  for
     their  raw  materials  and who, rather  than  practice  real
     capitalism,  enlisted brute government force -- "sell to  us
     at our price or pay a fine that'll put you out of  business"
     --  for  dealing  with  uncooperative  southern   suppliers.
     That's what a tariff's all about.  In support of this "noble
     principle",  when southerners demonstrated what amounted  to
     no more than token resistance, Lincoln permitted an internal
     war to begin that butchered more Americans than all of  this
     country's foreign wars -- before or afterward -- rolled into

          Lincoln saw the introduction of total war on the Ameri-
     can continent -- indiscriminate mass slaughter and  destruc-
     tion without regard to age, gender, or combat status of  the
     victims  -- and oversaw the systematic shelling and  burning
     of  entire cities for strategic and tactical purposes.   For
     the same purposes, Lincoln declared, rather late in the war,
     that black slaves were now free in the south -- where he had
     no  effective  jurisdiction -- while declaring at  the  same
     time, somewhat more quietly but for the record  nonetheless,
     that if maintaining slavery could have won his war for  him,
     he'd have done that, instead.

          The fact is, Lincoln didn't abolish slavery at all,  he
     nationalized  it,  imposing  income  taxation  and  military
     conscription  upon  what had been a free country  before  he
     took  over -- income taxation and military  conscription  to
     which  newly "freed" blacks soon found themselves  subjected
     right alongside newly-enslaved whites.  If the civil war was
     truly  fought  against slavery --  a  dubious,  "politically
     correct" assertion with no historical evidence to back it up
     -- then clearly, slavery won.

          Lincoln  brought secret police to America,  along  with
     the  traditional  midnight "knock on  the  door",  illegally
     suspending  the Bill of Rights and, like the  Latin  America
     dictators  he anticipated, "disappearing" thousands  in  the
     north whose only crime was that they disagreed with him.  To
     finance  his  crimes against humanity, Lincoln  allowed  the
     printing of worthless paper money in unprecedented  volumes,
     ultimately plunging America into a long, grim depression  --
     in the south, it lasted half a century -- he didn't have  to
     live through, himself.

          In  the end, Lincoln didn't unite this country --  that
     can't  be done by force -- he divided it along lines  of  an
     unspeakably  ugly  hatred and resentment  that  continue  to
     exist almost a century and a half after they were drawn.  If
     Lincoln  could have been put on trial in Nuremburg  for  war
     crimes, he'd have received the same sentence as the highest-
     ranking Nazis.

          If libertarians ran things, they'd melt all the Lincoln
     pennies,  shred all the Lincoln fives, take a wrecking  ball
     to the Lincoln Memorial, and consider erecting monuments  to
     John  Wilkes Booth.  Libertarians know Lincoln as the  worst
     President  America  has  ever had to  suffer,  with  Woodrow
     Wilson,  Franklin  Roosevelt, and Lyndon Johnson  running  a
     distant second, third, and fourth.  [This essay was  written
     before the appearence of the Clintons.  -- ed]

          Conservatives,  on the other hand, adore Lincoln,  pub-
     licly admire his methods, and revere him as the best  Presi-
     dent America ever had.  One wonders: is this because  they'd
     like to do, all over again, all of the things Lincoln did to
     the American people? Judging from their taste for executions

     as a substitute for individual self-defense, their  penchant
     for putting people behind bars -- more than any other  coun-
     try in the world, per capita, no matter how poorly it  works
     to reduce crime -- and the bitter distaste they display  for
     Constitutional "technicalities" like the exclusionary  rule,
     which  are all that keep America from becoming  the  world's
     largest banana republic, one is well-justified in wondering.

          The troubling truth is that, more than anybody  else's,
     Abraham  Lincoln's career resembles and foreshadows that  of
     V.I.   Lenin,  who, with somewhat better technology  at  his
     disposal,  slaughtered millions of innocents -- rather  than
     mere  hundreds  of  thousands -- to  enforce  an  impossibly
     stupid idea which, in the end, like forced association,  was
     proven by history to be a resounding failure.  Abraham  Lin-
     coln  was  America's  Lenin, and when  America  has  finally
     absorbed that painful but illuminating truth, it will final-
     ly have begun to recover from the War between the States.

          L.   Neil  Smith is the award-winning  author  of  "The
     Probability  Broach", "The Mitzvah" (with Aaron Zelman)  and
     many other books.

          Permission  to redistribute this article is  here-
          with granted by the author -- provided that it  is
          reproduced  unedited, in its entirety, and  appro-
          priate  credit given.  This article is on the  Web


          Lincoln's Economic Legacy, by Thomas J.   DiLoren-
          zo:  [go to and do a  search
          on Lincoln or on the author]

          Freeing  Slaves,  Enslaving Free Men,  by  Jeffrey
          Rodgers Hummell

          The Real Lincoln, by Charles L.  C.  minor

          War for What?, by Francis W.  Springer

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