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>No tax reduction for AGI $10,000 to $25, 650.
>There is a tax reduction for the bracket below this one, and a tax
>deduction for all brackets above this one.  A huge majority of enlisted
>soldiers, and probably some junior officers, fall right into this bracket.

I think your URL is obsolete. There is no Gore plan and the Bush plan
details were not known during the election. Indeed many are still not
known. This web site has not changed, as far as I can tell, since I looked
at it back in the spring of last year. However, based on what I have read
recently every tax bracket will be lowered so it is impossible to NOT see
some tax savings in any income bracket. Until more details are published I
think we need to be careful of knee jerk reactions. I know it is hard to
get out of the habit but clinton is no longer in office and we no longer
have to expect to get screwed every time taxes are discussed.

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