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John blueoval at SGI.NET
Wed Feb 14 14:02:58 MST 2001

 From The Register,
Total Web anonymity for you, and the CIA
By: Thomas C Greene in Washington
Posted: 13/02/2001 at 07:56 GMT

A software package which can keep the CIA's legions of snoops safe from
detection as they trawl the Net in search of international evildoers ought
to be good enough for your daily dogtrot through cyberspace. That's the
pitch for SafeWeb's soon-to-be-released product Triangle Boy, which it is 
claimed will make it possible for one to surf the Web without leaving a trace.

SafeWeb already offers a free browsing gateway which uses 128-bit SSL, 
disables cookies and scripts and hides the surfer's IP, for pretty good 
on-line anonymity.

But according to an article in Monday's Wall Street Journal, the Agency is 
eager to involve itself in the more fully-featured Triangle Boy through its 
business development and capital investment arm In-Q-Tel.

Its motives, reportedly, are simply to carry out normal Internet
surveillance tasks anonymously, but some suggest that the real reason is to 
figure out how to crack the program so it can spy on people using it.

Of course if that were their true aim, it's unlikely that the Agency would 
bother to license the product. They could just as easily, and a good deal 
more cheaply, download a few copies and set quietly to work on them, but 
there is little point talking common sense to conspiracy freaks. They just 
know the Trilateral Commission is up to their elbows in this.

A more plausible criticism is that the CIA wants the ability to penetrate 
and/or attack the networks of foreign adversaries with a good deal less 
chance of getting caught. The CIA denies any interest in applying Triangle 
Boy to concealing offensive information operations, though its fitness for 
such use is difficult to overlook. ®
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