NRA Head Believes United Nations Wants A Global Gun Ban

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They're not working "behind the scenes," they're doing it right out in the

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>Subject: NRA Head Believes United Nations Wants A Global Gun Ban
>Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001 09:42:48 -0800
><NRA Head Believes United Nations Wants A Global Gun
>CNS News
>Published: Feb 17, 2001 Author: Jim Burns
>National Rifle Association Executive Director Wayne
>LaPierre electrified a crowd when he warned that the
>United Nations is working behind the scenes to impose
>a global gun ban. He believes the United Nations must
>be stopped now or gun ownership will become
>globalized. LaPierre aroused the crowd when he said,
>"they want the next millennial generation not to
>be American citizens but global citizens. With a
>quality of personal freedom not elevated to ours, but
>lowered to theirs. I say never!
>"Right now, behind the scenes around this world,
>privately funded groups have been meeting for years
>under the auspices of the United Nations to decide how
>the world ought to work for this next generation. This
>July in New York City they are going to have a long
>anticipated summit on small arms. One of the goals of
>that United Nations conference is going to be to
>pursue a global standard of gun control," LaPierre
>told the Conservative Political Action Conference in
>Arlington, Virginia.
>"Generally banning civilian ownership of firearms in
>the world," LaPierre continued. The crowd booed. Even
>though LaPierre thinks the United Nations can't
>directly impose its will on American government, what
>it can do, he says, is "demonize civilian ownership of
>guns by proclaiming that a global gun ban is the best
>global standard of freedom. But it is the
>responsibility of those of us today to see that
>America's next great generation is not disenfranchised
>from their birthright. "What's global sure isn't
>what's right. There probably ought to be some global
>standards for some things, but I'll tell you this,
>never their standard of freedom," LaPierre said. The
>crowd applauded wildly. They kept applauding as
>LaPierre compared the founding of the United States to
>the United Nations.
>"Who really thinks the great minds in the United
>Nations have outclassed our founding fathers? Who
>really thinks that countless committees of
>nameless foreigners have dreamt up a better idea than
>the bill of rights? Why don't they champion our folly
>of freedom instead of theirs?" asked LaPierre. "Their
>global standard of freedom will reserve for the
>powerful few. It will be oppressive; it will be
>elitist; it will be irreversible, and it will be
>abused," LaPierre said.
>LaPierre also criticized today's world generation and
>its relationship to freedom. "Despite all the lip
>service about liberty, the generation in charge of
>the world right now has less reverence for freedom
>than any in memory. Around the world, supposedly free
>people are being disarmed systematically and all too
>often it's happening willingly," said LaPierre. As
>examples, LaPierre said, "Just look at the people of
>South Africa, Canada, England, Australia where they
>have turned in their guns and without exception
>they've confronted more violent crime in return."
>That "poison" LaPierre believes has reached America as
>well. "In California, ten of thousands of lawful
>firearms owners have been told either they turn in
>certain guns to the government or be ready to accept
>your new status as felons.
>Beginning this summer, if the U.N. has its way that
>will be global policy. The United Nations draws no
>distinction between legal guns and illegal guns. To
>them, a bazooka and your browning are both small arms.
>They want a global norm of non-possession [of guns],"
>said LaPierre.
>LaPierre concluded, "I call on the American people to
>call a traitor, a traitor. Any group collaborating
>with foreign forces to undermine our freedom is
>courting treason. I call upon our government to
>proactively condemn and oppose any U.N. effort to
>redefine or diminish personal freedom. I say the
>global standard for personal freedom should be just
>one standard: ours."
>The crowd gave LaPierre a standing ovation. Wayne has
>a point about being aware of these globalist plots,
>but at this time, the UN can't even maintain the peace
>in that crummy little, third world place known as
>"In California, ten of thousands of lawful firearms
>owners have been told either they turn in certain guns
>to the government or be ready to accept your new
>status as felons." SB 23 and Roberti-Roos AW bans are
>unconstitutional not only based on the 2nd Amendment,
>but also because both are 'bills of attainder',
>specifically forbidden by the Constitution..
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