Stop Bashing Homos!

a45acp4me at JUNO.COM a45acp4me at JUNO.COM
Tue Feb 20 22:35:47 MST 2001

On Tue, 20 Feb 2001 18:07:27 -0600 rum.runner at JUNO.COM writes:
> Now that I have your attention, heard a radio program host make the
> statement that it seems more politically correct (if it's possible)
> to
> harass or bash homo's, then to bash minorities, such as blacks,
> wetbacks,
> chinks, kike's, ragheads, etc.  I'd be willing to bet that if John
> Doe
> kills a homo instead of a black or hispanic, that society would
> consider
> the deah of a homo as less significant than that of a minority such
> as
> blacks or hispanics.
> With regards to all of this talk about hate crimes, a bill is in
> Congress
> that would enhance hate crimes.  This same radio host today asked
> the
> question that if a white woman and black woman were having a verbal
> disagreement, where the white woman says to the black woman, "You
> people
> need to learn how to vote," to which the black woman retorts, "Well,
> if
> it weren't for you whites enslaving us....".  They then both start
> duking
> it out.  Who is guilty of a hate crime?
> Richard
> rum.runner at
Hate crime only applies to Minority's.  So naturally the white Woman
would be guilty.  Now that's real Justice.

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