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     From: "The Liberty Committee" <list at>
                         February 13, 2001

     Dear friend of liberty,

     House  Concurrent Resolution 23 (H.C.R.  23)  was  submitted
     Thursday,  February  8,  2001 by  Representatives  Ron  Paul
     (Texas), Virgil Goode (Virginia), Walter Jones (North  Caro-
     lina), Roscoe Bartlett (Maryland), and John Duncan  (Tennes-
     see).   H.C.R.   23 expresses "the sense of   Congress  that
     President George W.  Bush should declare to all  nationsthat
     the United States does not intend to assent to or ratify the
     International  Criminal Court Treaty...and the signature  of
     former  President Clinton to that treaty should not be  con-
     strued  otherwise."  H.C.R.  23 was referred  to  the  House
     International  Relations Committee of  which  Representative
     Paul is a member.

     Representative  Henry Hyde (Illinois), the new  chairman  of
     the House International Relations Committee, recently stated
     to Insight magazine (01/26/01), "I think that the defense of
     our  sovereignty is one of the big issues  currently  before
     the  International Relations Committee.  This  International
     Criminal  Court  [ICC  agreement] that  the  president  just
     signed  is  an assault on our sovereignty.  We  would  yield
     jurisdiction  for criminal prosecutions for our citizens  in
     foreign  courts.  I think that would be a serious  mistake."
     Mr.   Hyde continued, "Surely there's a principle at  stake,
     and  the principle is whether we yield  jurisdiction,  hence
     part of our sovereignty, to a foreign entity constituted not
     by  American  citizens under the U.S.   Constitution,  which
     protects society and citizens, but to a foreign entity  over
     which we have no sovereign control."

     Opposition  to the United States subjugating itself  to  the
     International  Criminal Court is mounting.  President  Bush,
     members  of Congress, former secretaries of the  departments
     of  State  and Defense, the current Department  of  Defense,
     public  policy foundations, newspaper editorial boards,  and
     columnists  are opposed to us yielding our  national  sover-
     eignty; yielding our judicial system; yielding our constitu-
     tion to an international tribunal based in the Netherlands.

     Opposition  to the International Criminal Court is  mounting
     among  the American public.  Since launching our  nationwide
     petition  drive  just a few weeks ago,  19,782  people  have
     signed  our petition addressed to President Bush.   However,
     it's  not  just the American public.   People  from  Canada,
     Indonesia,  United  Kingdom, Namibia,  Brazil,  Israel,  and
     Belgium have signed our petition.  One gentleman from United
     Kingdom  wrote,  "You can help save the sovereignty  of  all

     Our  petition drive to President Bush has  already  started.
     If  you  have  not signed our petition, please  do  so  now.
     Today,  our drive to get H.C.R.  23 passed  begins.   There-
     fore,  please  urge your U.S.  representative  to  cosponsor
     H.C.R.   23 today.  You can sign our petition and  write  to
     your U.S.  representative by going to http://www.theliberty-  and clicking "International Criminal  Court."
     The  text of H.C.R.  23 is posted there along with  numerous
     items about the International Criminal Court.

     Please  sign our petition, if you have not already done  so,
     and write to your U.S.  representative urging him to cospon-
     sor  H.C.R.   23.  Please ask family and friends to  do  the

     Thank you for your help!

     Kent Snyder
     The Liberty Committee

     P.S.   Please note that some new members of the U.S.   House
     are still in the process of setting up their E-mail and  Web
     systems.  Your message to them can be printed for mailing.

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