Stop Bashing Homos!

carl william spitzer iv cwsiv_2nd at JUNO.COM
Thu Feb 22 20:43:23 MST 2001

From: rum.runner at >Now that I have your attention, heard a radio
program host make the statement that it seems more politically correct
(if it's possible) to harass or bash homo's, then to bash minorities,
such as blacks, wetbacks, chinks, kike's, ragheads, etc.  I'd be willing
to bet that if John Doe kills a homo instead of a black or hispanic, that
society would consider the deah of a homo as less significant than that
of a minority such as blacks or hispanics.

With regards to all of this talk about hate crimes, a bill is in Congress
that would enhance hate crimes.  This same radio host today asked the
question that if a white woman and black woman were having a verbal
disagreement, where the white woman says to the black woman, "You people
need to learn how to vote," to which the black woman retorts, "Well, if
it weren't for you whites enslaving us....".  They then both start duking
it out.  Who is guilty of a hate crime?


The white people of course for the hate crimes laws were designed to
criminalize white speach not hate speach.  No Da who wants his job or
that of the govenor would ever dare to charge a non white non straight
non christian with enhancements to criminal offences.  These are racist
laws and are CROW JIM.

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