Heartbroken and Shocked?

Rob Loach deloges at JUNO.COM
Fri Feb 23 04:56:49 MST 2001

My reaction to HILLARY!'s declaring herself "disappointed" (used at least
10x during her show), "heartbroken," and "shocked" was -- "EXCUSE ME, IS
THAT POSSIBLE?!?" How could she be disappointed and shocked? Her brother
she has known her whole life, and her "husband" - it probably just
*seems* like her whole life!  And "heartbroken"??? How can something you
don't have be broken?!?

I just *had* to weigh in on this one. I'm ***SOOOOOO*** sick to death of
our "American royalty"!!! When a news commentator said recently that the
Clintons just don't seem to move off the front page, my sweet wife said
to me, "Yes, I'd like to see them featured instead in the OBIT column."

It is extremely galling to me that even a single penny of my taxes goes
to supporting this duo in their "lifestyle of the rich and (in)famous."
Gr-r-r-r! I so much want to see these two brought to justice and
relegated to the position they so richly deserve -- sweet oblivion! I'd
like to see them stripped of everything that goes to former presidents
and unable to gain a public ear, for free or for hire. But alas, we live
in the nasty now-and-now and not in the sweet by-and-by....

I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but I just had to express it to
people who understand. (And, yes, I'm back after a hiatus ... I missed
rushtalk too much to stay too long on "nomail.")   8-)


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