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<Boston Herald Columnist: Clinton finds legacy, alas,
as most corrupt
Crime/Corruption Breaking News Editorial Keywords:
Source: Boston Herald
Published: Friday, February 23, 2001 Author: by Howie

Richard Nixon, step aside. The debate is over, and the
decision is
unanimous - Bill Clinton is the most corrupt president
in U.S. history.
You can't even get a good fight going on cable TV
anymore. Poke at the
War Hero's most fawning sycophants - Margaret Carlson,
Eleanor Rodham
Clift, David Corn - and most of them immediately go
into the fetal
position. Hugh Rodham - the man isn't a lawyer, he's a
He weighs 400 pounds, he grabs 400 large. He's a whale
of a lawyer, and
he was just trying to put the fat back in fat-cat. He
couldn't stomach
his clients doing another day in prison. So he bellied
up to the bar.
Too bad the reporters didn't ask Hillary yesterday,
``Does this look
like a bribe?´´

>>>The bad news for Hugh Rodham is, there´s a posse
coming after him.
The good news is, if they catch him, stripes do make
you look
thinner.<<<<<< LMBO!!!

And now rumors spread that Clinton is shopping a
two-book deal - one a
memoir, the other a novel of the White House. The
Washington Post is
already running a contest to name the novel.
Catcher in the Thigh. Devil with a Blue Dress On.
Bedtime for Bubba.
>>From Rags to the Riches. It Takes a Pillage. White
Trash Christmas. Fast
Times at 1600 Pennsylvania High.
>>>Clinton's bumkissers (they meant buttkissers LOL)
in the media still
can't believe how thoroughly they've been had.
Suddenly they're like
Bogart in ``The Maltese Falcon,´´ telling Mary Astor:
``I won´t
play the sap for you!´´
So who's left of the Clintons' pep squad? Well,
there's Bryant Gumbel,
when he's not cavorting with babes young enough to be
his daughter.
And Geraldo Rivera, when he's not cavorting with babes
young enough to
be his granddaughter.
And Jann Wenner of Rolling Stone, when he's not
cavorting with boytoys
young enough to be his sons.
And of course the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who just hired a
child molesting
ex-Congressman pardoned by Clinton. . . .
Do you detect a pattern here?
Of course it was the National Enquirer that broke this
latest scandal.
None of the Beautiful People who summer together on
the Vineyard could
possibly deign to sully their hands with such . . .
tabloid trash for
But given what we now know about the Clintons, perhaps
James Carville's
famous line about Paula Jones should be amended:
``It´s amazing what
you get when you drag $400,000 through a trailer
Clinton says he made all these pardons on their
merits. That's easy to
understand. Glenn Braswell - a felonious snake-oil
salesman, pardoned by
a felonious snake-oil salesman. Professional courtesy
is what that is.
The War Hero says he is ``deeply disturbed by these
Not by the payoffs for pardons, but by the reports
about them. He
didn´t know Rodham was working on the pardons, even
though Baby Huey
was freeloading at the White House at the time.
On Morrissey Boulevard, a deep gloom pervades the
newsroom as their hero
reels from one sordid scandal to another. Any day now,
Matt Storin will
be back on the front page with another apology ``To
Our Readers.´´
Over the past eight years, the Globe published
thousands of stories that
left the clear impression that Bill Clinton was the
greatest president
in U.S. history.
However, in light of the current pardons-for-payoffs
scandal, our
sources now concede that this greatest-president
theory is not correct.
We now express regret for the pain our coverage
caused, and we have
confiscated Tom Oliphant's shoelaces, belt and bow tie
to prevent any
further tragedies.
Buck up, Matt. It could be worse - he could have
pardoned Patricia
Some of us, when we first saw Clinton back in 1992,
instantly knew how
terrible this cracker flim-flam man was. This morning,
those of us who
were right from the start could stand up and beat our
chests and yell at
all you ignorant Clintonites out there, ``We told you
But that would be rubbing it in, that would classless,
that would be -
oh, what the hell.
We told you so!
Copyright by the Boston Herald and Herald Interactive
Systems, Inc.

It's JAILTIME folk's!!!!!   LOL!!!!

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