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At 09:28 AM 2/23/01 -0800, Sharon Hoffmann wrote:
><Boston Herald Columnist: Clinton finds legacy, alas,
>as most corrupt
>Crime/Corruption Breaking News Editorial Keywords:
>Source: Boston Herald
>Published: Friday, February 23, 2001 Author: by Howie
>Richard Nixon, step aside. The debate is over, and the decision is
>unanimous - Bill Clinton is the most corrupt president in U.S. history.

         I'd strongly argue that FDR's Presidency would give Bill a great
run for most damaging to our nation. How in the world did Rosey fool the
World War II generation into fawning adoration, when he spit on them every
step of the way? He took away their gold. He protected all his banker pals
with a "Banker's Holiday" and the FedRes pumped out worthless Federal
Reserve Notes. He shackled them with Social Security - the most obvious
Ponzi scheme going. Worst of all, he knew the attack on Pearl Harbor was
coming and did NOTHING to protect our people!

>You can't even get a good fight going on cable TV anymore. Poke at the
>War Hero's most fawning sycophants - Margaret Carlson, Eleanor Rodham
>Clift, David Corn - and most of them immediately go into the fetal
>position. Hugh Rodham - the man isn't a lawyer, he's a laundry.
>He weighs 400 pounds, he grabs 400 large.

         I'd say he more closely resembles a '52 Buick, but that'd be a
massive insult to General Motors.......

>He's a whale of a lawyer, and he was just trying to put the fat back in
>fat-cat. He couldn't stomach his clients doing another day in prison. So
>he bellied up to the bar.

         Also known as "influence-peddling"......c'mon! The drug dealer was
in a California prison. Why in the world would he ever call a small-time
twit in Florida to represent him?!? Think about it.........


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