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hee hee It just keeps getting better. You only plead
the 5th when ya got
something to hide. Can you spell Obstruction of
Justice? 8-)

Rep Burton statement on ex-DNC finance chief Beth
Dozoretz assertion of
her 5th Amendment priviledge
Source: Drudge Report
Published: 2/26/01 Author: Rep. Dan Burton(R-Ind.)

The Committee has just been informed that Beth
Dozoretz will exercise
her 5th Amendment rights against self incrimination,
and that she will
refuse to testify on March 1, 2001. I am extremely
disappointed. She now
joins Denise Rich who has already taken the Fifth. It
is my hope that
when/if she comes before the Committee on Thursday,
she will change her
mind and answer the Committee's questions. It is very
troubling that
Beth Dozoretz and Denise Rich, both close friends of
former President
Clinton who discussed the Rich pardon with him, would
refuse to testify.
Ever since former President Clinton issued a number of
pardons on January 20,2001 he has said that the
American people will
understand that, when the facts come out, what he did
was right.
Unfortunately, the facts are not coming out. It is
beginning to seem
that the reason people aren't answering questions is
because they are
hiding something.
In addition to Ms. Dozoretz's and Mrs. Rich's refusal
to testify, the
Committee is potentially facing other stonewalling
tactics from the
Clinton Library, former President Clinton and Marc
The Committee has supoenaed the William Jefferson
Clinton Presidential
Foundation to turn over its donor lists, and pledge
lists and the
Foundation has refused to comply. Former President
Clinton and his
lawyers are keeping this relevant information from the
Committee without
any sound legal basis. Former President Clinton should
make these donor
lists available to the committee so that there will be
no doubt that
donations to the Library had nothing to do with the
Last week I asked both former President Clinton and
Marc Rich to waive
all priviledges. Mr. Rich is hiding behind attorney
client priviledge,
and has kept a significant number of documents fron
the Committee. I
call on him, once again, to let the American people
understand what he
was doing in the months leading up to his pardon.
This Thursday, three former top aides to former
President Clinton will
testify. I hope that they will act differently than
Mr. Rich. The former
President has a chance to level with the people, and I
hope he waives
his privilidges and lets John Podesta, Bruce Lindsey,
and Beth Nolan
answer all the committees questions. The American
people have a right to
know all the facts...

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