Liberals want this here?

Jim jnantz at INFICAD.COM
Tue Feb 27 13:08:40 MST 2001

Here's a little something I found in todays Times.

Man may go private and sue NHS

A MAN has threatened to sue the NHS after his sons tonsillectomy was
deferred owing to a lack of disposable instruments.

Michael Tanner, 7, has been in pain for six months because of his swollen
tonsils. His father, Nigel, of Byfleet, Surrey, said that Michael had been
put on a waiting list for the procedure at the Royal Surrey County
Hospital despite being told by a consultant that his tonsils need to come
out as soon as possible.

Mr Tanner said that on contacting other hospitals he was told by a nurse
at the Kingston Hospital that his son could have surgery if he provided
utensils. He is threatening to have his son treated privately and to sue
for the cost.

The Royal Surrey said that the boys condition was not an emergency,
adding: There is no need for any hospital to ask for payment. The issue is
not funding, but supply of single-use instruments

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