Violent Crime Has INCREASED Since Gun Confiscation!!!

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 Violent crime has INCREASED since gun confiscation!!

FEBRUARY 26, 22:06 EST
British Crime Reforms Are Debated
Associated Press Writer
LONDON (AP) - More juries may be told about criminal
previous convictions, the government said Monday,
announcing a series of
ideas about combating crime.
Home Secretary Jack Straw also promised more money for
prosecutors and
suggested that private security guards could be used
to help on police
Opposition politicians accused the government of
trying to cover up its
failure to halt a rise in violent crime, a police
organization attacked
the plan to use private security guards and a civil
liberties group
condemned the idea of telling juries about previous
Prime Minister Tony Blair, who is expected to call a
national election
within weeks, dramatized the government's crime
policies earlier Monday
by becoming the first serving prime minister to visit
a prison.
Blair visited a dyslexia center at Pentonville prison
in London to
underline his contention that rehabilitation programs
are a key to
cutting crime.
``The truth is you need both the toughness and the
Blair said on a radio phone-in program.
Straw told the House of Commons he wanted to stop
repeat offenses by
introducing rigorous supervision of those released
after short
sentences. Sixty percent of those jailed for less than
a year commit new
offenses within two years, the Home Office says.
Conservative lawmaker Ann Widdecombe retorted that
under Blair ``police
numbers have been slashed by more than 2,500, violent
crime is rising,
more than 30,000 criminals have been let out of jail
early, and many of
your flagship policies have been abject failures.´´
Blair's Labor Party campaigned hard on the rising
crime rate during its
winning 1997 campaign, pledging to be ``tough on
crime, and tough on the
causes of crime.´´
British juries already hear about previous convictions
in some
circumstances, and widening the exceptions was being
considered, the
Home Office said.
``It is a serious erosion of a key principle of the
criminal justice
system,´´ said Roger Bingham, spokesman for the civil
group, Liberty.
``People in criminal trials should be found guilty
beyond reasonable
doubt on the facts of that case. It is about proving
that they did it
this time, not about assumptions based on something
they might have done
Police groups were no happier about the idea of
expanding the use of
private security guards.
``If the government is going to invest money then why
doesn´t it
invest money in fully trained, omnicompetent police
officers?´´ said
David French of the Police Federation..

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