Horizon HS prom threatend by pc

Daniel Bobke dbobke at HOME.COM
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I was a member of the first four-year graduating class of Horizon High
School.  It was a good school when I attended (class of '84), but obviously
something is awry.  This kid needs to tell his dad to drop it, but maybe
they aren't teaching kids to stand up for what is right anymore.  When I was
a student there, the principal (Dr. James Gleason) dealt with such
foolishness quickly.  I remember an incident with a student attempting to
sell drugs in the restroom.  He was gone and never heard from again at our
school as quick as you can say "expulsion".  I remember him getting a lot of
flack, but he was fair and honest as far as I could see.  Probably wouldn't
happen today...

Dan Bobke

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I got this from today's Arizona Republic in the Valley and State

This year the senior prom for Horizon High School is scheduled to be on
a Friday night.  One Jewish family is upset because that's on the
sabbath.  The school says the prom was scheduled for Friday because the
places they wanted to have it at were booked on Saturday.  The school
tried to find a place to have the prom that wasn't booked on Saturday,
but nothing suitable could be found.

Get this.  Aaron Kravitz, the kid's dad is considering legal action.

If the school wants to be nice and is able to make a change; then well
and good.  As far as I'm concerned Mr. Kravitz can go jump in a lake if
he's going to sue over this.

I wonder how the other students at the school will treat the Kravitz kid
if his dad sues the school and they end up not having a prom.  You and I
both know that the students at the school will take it out on the
Kravitz kid if they don't get their prom.

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