Horizon HS prom threatend by pc

Gary Freitag gfreitag at GREATBATCH.COM
Wed Feb 28 07:21:13 MST 2001

jnantz at inficad.com writes:
>I got this from today's Arizona Republic in the Valley and State
>This year the senior prom for Horizon High School is scheduled to be on
>a Friday night.  One Jewish family is upset because that's on the
>sabbath.  The school says the prom was scheduled for Friday because the
>places they wanted to have it at were booked on Saturday.  The school
>tried to find a place to have the prom that wasn't booked on Saturday,
>but nothing suitable could be found.
>Get this.  Aaron Kravitz, the kid's dad is considering legal action.
>If the school wants to be nice and is able to make a change; then well
>and good.  As far as I'm concerned Mr. Kravitz can go jump in a lake if
>he's going to sue over this.

Anyone with religious convictions should understand (especially Judaism
and Christianity) their decision to put God first places them on the
outside of the secular world.  This man surely understands the sacrifice
one gives up to follow one's faith.

Plus, it is a ridiculous to expect people, who most likely have
volunteered their time to organize the event, to consider every possible
circumstance for every possible attendee- even if it is possible to do so.
 If this man weighed the importance of the dance so highly to think it is
worthy of a lawsuit, he should have been involved in the planning in the
first place.  But I doubt this person could have been bothered beforehand;
and as such, he should accept his kid missing the prom.

It disturbs me to think of the lessons he is teaching his children by
proceeding with legal action.
>I wonder how the other students at the school will treat the Kravitz kid
>if his dad sues the school and they end up not having a prom.  You and I
>both know that the students at the school will take it out on the
>Kravitz kid if they don't get their prom.

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