Jesse Jackson Jr.

wbwhite wbwhite at MADBBS.COM
Mon Feb 4 06:07:56 MST 2002

    Looks as though some radical liberal dems, like Jesse Jackson Jr.,
are trying  to evoke the specter of a police state, as Bush conducts the
war on terrorism.  This specter has been conjured in many forms, none so
insidious and pernicious as the big government socialist welfare state
that seeks to manage, limit, control, tax, and subvert economic
liberty.   If a government can't protect the sovereign nation against
external threats and  jihads, what good is it?


Snipped from Drudge:
A U.S. congressman blasted President Bush this weekend, calling his
recent address to the nation: "A
police State of the Union speech!"

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. [D-IL] made the stunning comments on BET's LEAD

"I think what we actually heard in the State of the Union speech was the
‘police’ State of the Union
speech," Jackson told guest host Amy Holmes.

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