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          ENRON | Waxman Calls For Full Disclosure

          [t  r u t h o u t -- 01.12.02 | Following  the  Justice
     Department  announcement Wednesday that they were  launching
     an  investigation  into Enron, and  yesterday's  revelations
     that  senior Bush officials received early warnings  of  En-
     ron's troubles in private conversations between Enron chair-
     man  and chief executive Kenneth Lay and Treasury  Secretary
     Paul  O'Neill,  Rep. Henry A. Waxman issued  several  strong

          The  first,  published here Thursday, was a  letter  to
     Ashcroft asking the Attorney General to consider whether  it
     was  appropriate  for  him to be involved  in  the  criminal
     investigation  of Enron. Within hours after the  release  of
     Waxman's letter, Ashcroft withdrew from the investigation.

          The  second statement, printed below, demands that  the
     White House make a full disclosure of its conversations with
     Enron officials. --jvb

          Statement of Rep. Henry A. Waxman
          January 10, 2002

          "These conversations raise very serious  concerns.
          The  White  House should immediately make  a  full
          disclosure  of all contacts  Administration  offi-
          cials  have  had with  Enron  representatives.  In
          contrast  to  the  six contacts  the  White  House
          disclosed  on  January  3, I  suspect  there  were
          dozens  of  conversations  between  Administration
          officials  and  Enron representatives  during  the
          past year.

          The public and Congress should have this  informa-
          tion,  especially since it is now clear the  White
          House  had  knowledge  that Enron  was  likely  to
          collapse  but did nothing to try to protect  inno-
          cent  employees  and shareholders  who  ultimately
          lost their life savings. I am deeply troubled that
          the  White House stood by and let this  happen  to
          thousands of families."

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