Deathnell of SUV's by The Democrats?

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Tue Feb 5 22:06:44 MST 2002

At 08:23 PM 2/5/2002, Richard A Whitenight wrote:

>The Democrats idea of an energy policy would require that light trucks and
>similar vehicles obtain 39 mpg by the year 2014.

         Hahahahahahahah!!!!! Yeah, right.......

>This would effectively spell the death of SUV's, as they only have to
>perform at 20 mpg now.  Car manufacturers are not sure if they would be
>able to meet that requirement, which is one reason the Dem's idea of fuel
>conversion might not get out of Congress.

         Where's the fabled Clinton/Gore-mobile?!?

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