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          Foolishness in Texas let us learn to laugh at ourselves.  CWSIV

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          >"lawyers  are reviewing the site's use of  two  photos
          >and the Texas GOP logo from the Republican Party site."
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          Metro and State
          Web site calls on GOP to send back donations
          By W. Gardner Selby
          Express-News Austin Bureau

          Web Posted : 01/18/2002

          AUSTIN Saying the Republican Party of Texas is "brought
     to you by" Enron, a Web site posted by a Democratic  strate-
     gist  calls  on  Gov. Rick Perry and  two  other  Republican
     officeholders  to return political contributions  associated
     with the bankrupt conglomerate.

          Democrats  who have taken Enron-connected donations  go
     unmentioned  on the site which  also
     features jokes and a way for visitors to e-mail Republicans.

          The  site, which looks similar to the official site  of
     the  state  GOP  highlights  Perry's  June
     appointment  of a former Enron executive, Max Yzaguirre,  to
     chair the Texas Public Utility Commission.

          A  day after the appointment, Perry received a  $25,000
     campaign contribution from Enron CEO Ken Lay.

          The  governor,  who said Thursday he didn't  return  or
     refuse any campaign contributions in 2001, has called  Lay's
     timing a coincidence.

          The site also refers to Attorney General John  Cornyn's
     decision  not  to  return more than  $100,000  his  previous
     campaigns  received from Enron executives and its  political
     action  committee. Cornyn, a candidate for the U.S.  Senate,
     last  week recused himself from his office's review  of  the
     Enron bankruptcy. He has called not returning campaign funds
     the appropriate thing to do.

          On  the site, Comptroller Carole Keeton  Rylander,  who
     has said she plans to redirect her Enron-connected political
     donations to benefit former Enron employees, is described as
     "refusing  to get involved in any way to protect  taxpayers,
     investors or employees in the wake of the Enron debacle."

          Rylander spokesman Mark Sanders said the comptroller is
     working on recouping $2 million in unpaid taxes from Enron.

          Democratic  strategist  Kelly Fero said he  funded  the
     site  on behalf of Texas '02, a group slated  to  coordinate
     the statewide Democratic campaigns after the March primary.

          "This is part of the comprehensive Democratic effort to
     explain  to  Texans  why Democrats are the  best  choice  in
     November's election," Fero said.

          Texas GOP spokesman Ted Royer is not amused.

          "It's  a silly political attack that diverts  attention
     from  the fact that thousands of people lost jobs  and  life
     savings," said Royer, adding that lawyers are reviewing  the
     site's  use  of two photos and the Texas GOP logo  from  the
     Republican Party site.

          "They did pick a good Web site to steal," Royer said.

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