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is his posting done by providing the link or by writing it right there?  i
would think in this day & age, there should be no need to write (copy) the
article or whatever right there.  of course, i realize that not ALL articles
are released on the web, so that may be the issue.  but even at that, if it
is posted there with all of the credits given & is not being sold, i don't
see what problem exists.


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>      "On  Monday,  11 February 2002, the Ninth  District  Circuit
>      Court  of Appeals, Washington DC, will convene to hear  oral
>      arguments  for  Washington  Post and Los  Angeles  Times  v.
>  LLC (a limited liability corporation),  in
>      what  is perhaps the most important First Amendment case  of
>      the new millennium. At issue is the propensity of FreeRepub-
> and its owner, Jim Robinson, to allow the posting of
>      whole-length articles from news organizations  nationwide--a
>      policy  the  Post and Times, respectively,  assert  infringe
>      upon  the  intellectual  property rights of  both  the  news
>      corporations  and of individual writers. At stake is a  tort
>      complaint of $1,000,000 lodged against Mr. Robinson, and the
>      very future of"
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