First Joe Camel now Ronald McDonald

Jim jnantz at INFICAD.COM
Mon Feb 11 01:17:08 MST 2002

At 01:14 AM 2/11/02 -0500, Dudley wrote:
>I heard someone discussing the McDonalds thing and it seems they shot
>themselves in the foot by claiming the fries are cooked in pure vegetable
>oil.  Fact is they are precooked in lard.  I think that fact will get the
>ball rolling, and fast food will take it on the chin just like
>cigarettes.  How does $10.00 for a Big Mac & Fries sound?

The do gooders go on and on about the bad effects fast food has on the
children.  It's the parents' job to put their foot down and tell their
little brats how much food they can have.

I would like to believe that at some point the American sheeple will stand
up and say enough of this liberal b.s.  However I believe what will happen
is that they will sit back, and do nothing while the fast food companies
get shafted like the tobacco companies.  I believe when this is all said
and done, you'll have to show your national ID card when you buy food at
McDonald's.  When they swipe your card, it will tell them how much fast
food you are allowed to eat each day.  They will by law have to limit your
purchase to that amount.  If you buy less than your limit, that will go on
the card so when you go to another fast food joint later in the day, they
won't be able to sell you more than your limit.

I would suggest that everyone here buy three or four freezers and put them
in the garage.  Buy steaks and ground beef and put it in the
freezers.  Hopefully when they finally ban steak and hamburger meat, you'll
have four freezers full of it.   Then they'll go after you for hoarding
illegal food like they currently go after the guy who keeps an attic full
of pot.

I really believe that someday it will be illegal to buy meat in the stores
and we'll all have no choice but to eat nothing but fruits, nuts, berries
and the occasional lettuce leaf.  The American sheeple will have an
opportunity to fight it, but will drop their trousers, bend over, grab
their ankles and wait for big government to screw them.

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