First Joe Camel now Ronald McDonald

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Mon Feb 11 05:26:33 MST 2002

At 03:17 AM 2/11/2002, Jim wrote:

>The do gooders go on and on about the bad effects fast food has on the
>children. It's the parents' job to put their foot down and tell their
>little brats how much food they can have.

         PRECISELY, Jim!!! Maybe as many as 40% of parents don't give their
kids any guidance, at all - whether behavior, diet, or any other aspect of
the child's life. The kids are provided a roof over their heads and food.
Outside of that, they're pretty much on their own. Jeeze, isn't that how
pets are handled?

>I would like to believe that at some point the American sheeple will stand
>up and say enough of this liberal b.s.

         You can take it to the bank that I will!!!      :-)

>However I believe what will happen is that they will sit back, and do
>nothing while the fast food companies get shafted like the tobacco
>companies. I believe when this is all said and done, you'll have to show
>your national ID card when you buy food at McDonald's.

         This is the point when I'll tell 'em, "hey!!! I got yer ID card
over here!"

>When they swipe your card, it will tell them how much fast food you are
>allowed to eat each day. They will by law have to limit your purchase to
>that amount.

         Folks will be "black-marketing" fast food in back alleys, like so
many ticket scalpers at a big event. Can't you just see it
now?!?     ;-)
>If you buy less than your limit, that will go on the card so when you go
>to another fast food joint later in the day, they won't be able to sell
>you more than your limit.

         Gads!!!! I hope all you "hacker-types" out there will be able to
teach the rest of us how to alter the stinkin' things............

>I would suggest that everyone here buy three or four freezers and put them
>in the garage. Buy steaks and ground beef and put it in the freezers.

         Hell, Jim, buy an entire side of beef!

>Hopefully when they finally ban steak and hamburger meat, you'll have four
>freezers full of it.

         Now yer talkin'!!!

>Then they'll go after you for hoarding illegal food like they currently go
>after the guy who keeps an attic full of pot.

         Just ask the authorities if they'd like to toke up a

>I really believe that someday it will be illegal to buy meat in the stores
>and we'll all have no choice but to eat nothing but fruits, nuts, berries
>and the occasional lettuce leaf.

         Only if we didn't grow these items, ourselves...............

>The American sheeple will have an opportunity to fight it, but will drop
>their trousers, bend over, grab their ankles and wait for big government
>to screw them.

         Shucks, let's just declare anarchy now, and get it over with.
After we are victorious, we can all sit back and enjoy a brisket, or

John A. Quayle
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