First Joe Camel now Ronald McDonald

Stephen A. Frye safrye at CONCENTRIC.NET
Mon Feb 11 11:29:43 MST 2002

>     Like homeless statistics?   Why has beating up parents become so
>fashionable?  I think most of them deserve medals and if not combat pay.
>Rearing children properly in our culture, which does not respect parental
>authority and operates at almost every level to undermine it, is a Herculean
>task.  The process by which youngsters "come of age" in America is flawed.
>They have not become adults, and therefore, they find it difficult to fulfill
>the role very well either as marriage partners or as parents.  Many of them
>are overwhelmed by their responsibilities to each other and to their
>children.   Failures seem  to crop up everyday in their lives, and they do
>what people in emotionally overtaxed situations usually do.   They blame each
>other (in pigs this is called tail-biting), or teachers, or some other
>scapegoat.  One complex cause of the  disjunction between parents and children
>is social decay and behind that lies the big one,  spiritual malaise.

This was my whole point.  Out of some anatomical location someone (in this
case a radio host) pulls a statistic that parents are doing a bad
job.  Sure there are bad ones - as with everything, but I definitely balked
at the 40% figure.

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