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At 08:16 AM 2/11/2002, wbwhite wrote:

>"John A. Quayle" wrote:
> > At 09:14 AM 2/11/2002, Stephen A. Frye wrote:
> >
> > >>         PRECISELY, Jim!!! Maybe as many as 40% of parents don't give
> > >>their kids any guidance, at all - whether behavior, diet, or any other
> > >>aspect of the child's life. The kids are provided a roof over their heads
> > >>and food. Outside of that, they're pretty much on their own. Jeeze, isn't
> > >>that how pets are handled?
> > >
> > >Very interesting statistic. Please provide your source. I would like to
> > >read more about this.
> >
> >          Fred Honsburger, KDKA-AM radio. Personally, I think it's a
> > guestimation.................
> >
> > John Q.
>     Like homeless statistics?

         Of doubt why "Honzman" read it with the
words, "maybe as many as..." Key word here is "maybe". So, up to 40% can be
taken with a grain of salt. But, I see how parents treat their kids in
grocery stores and how they dump them off at the mall on Saturday morning,
to run amok. I would tend to believe it. OTOH, I've coached/managed Little
League baseball and little girls' softball teams for six seasons and these
parents are mirror-opposites.

>Why has beating up parents become so fashionable?

         Maybe for the same reason beating up publik skule is so
"fashionable". There are a bevy of non-thinking/stupid parents out there
and this stuff affects us all.

>I think most of them deserve medals and if not combat pay.

         As a parent of three, I thank you, generously!          :-)

>Rearing children properly in our culture, which does not respect parental
>authority and operates at almost every level to undermine it, is a
>Herculean task.

         You said a mouthful!

>The process by which youngsters "come of age" in America is flawed.
>They have not become adults, and therefore, they find it difficult to fulfill
>the role very well either as marriage partners or as parents. Many of them
>are overwhelmed by their responsibilities to each other and to their

         And, some of this could be laid at the feet of '60s-era
"permissive" (they were called "progressive", which liberalism is never)

>Failures seem to crop up everyday in their lives, and they do what people
>in emotionally overtaxed situations usually do. They blame each other (in
>pigs this is called tail-biting), or teachers, or some other scapegoat.
>One complex cause of the disjunction between parents and children is
>social decay and behind that lies the big one, spiritual malaise.

         Bravo!!! Well-stated!

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