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Mon Feb 11 15:20:22 MST 2002

Daniel Bobke wrote:

> I think the take on child behavior today is a little skewed.  I personally
> have 3 children (2 boys, 1 girl) and they all have their willful and
> obnoxious moments.  My wife and I are strict when it comes to our children -
> we love them more than anything in this life, and because of that love we
> punish appropriately.  However, all children will test limits, they will all
> misbehave, and they will all appear as "brats" at the absolute worst time!
> Mine are no exception - in general, good kids who when in a store or at
> Disneyland or at church will pull off some of the most amazing acts of
> meltdown you have ever witnessed.  Just because you have some anecdotal
> evidence of children's behavior at Wal-Mart (not the best cross-section of
> society in my book) does not mean that parents, as a whole, are doing a bad
> job.  The woman you used as an example may have chosen not to spank or
> otherwise punish her child in the middle of the store - she may have taken
> him to the car and dealt with him there.  This is likely what I would have
> done.

    Right, public displays are bad form.

> I think the worst generation of parents in recent times were of my parents
> era (first children born in the mid-60's and raising children through the
> 70's).  They have wrought the 20-somethings and 30-somethings that spew most
> of the garbage we deal with today - "young skulls full of mush" as Rush
> calls them.  My parents were of the first generation when divorce became an
> epidemic and when the religious foundations of our society began to fall
> apart.  I think we actually have a better generation of parents now than the
> prior one, and the problems we do have are founded in part in the lousy
> example that was shown the current crop by their parents.

    While there is a good chance that "the sins of the fathers will be visited
upon the sons,"  that cycle can be broken by evolutionary leaps of
consciousness.   I take heart from the encouraging signs you see.  I am the
grandfather of a delightful four year old.  I think his parents are doing it
just right.  Time will tell.  The ancient Greeks said, "Call no man happy,
until he dies,"  which is to say, it takes the full course of a lifetime to
access its attainment of personal happiness.

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