First Joe Camel now Ronald McDonald

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Mon Feb 11 20:22:58 MST 2002

At 05:01 PM 2/11/2002, wbwhite wrote:

>"John A. Quayle" wrote: And, some of this could be laid at the feet of
>'60s-era "
>permissive" (they were called "progressive", which liberalism is never)
>      I agree.  The great cultural shift of the sixties hurt our culture
> mightly.

         Absolutely!!! Perhaps more than we realize.........

>  I think the Marxist materialists and the free love and free beer
> socialists have a lot to answer for.

         Sure they eldest daughter (who was 10, or 11 at the
time) asked me, "Daddy, what were the '60s like?"

         I replied, "A long, recurring nightmare that we're still
struggling to recover from - socially, at least."

John Q.
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