Food For Thought February 12, 2002

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My own committee of one says you hit the bulls eye on every shot.


"Kenneth E. Wyman" wrote:

> Food For Thought     February 12, 2002 BOUND TO HAPPEN...Dem. Senate
> leader Daschle and much ofhis party have returned to the "left" to
> attack President Bush for
> his tough stance against terrorism via his "Axis of Terror." SIGN OF
> OUR TIMES...President Bush is in effect a "dolt" due to
> his failure in not knowing of the cable TV comedy "Sex In The
> City" or of Leonardo DiCaprio of Titanic fame whose character
> seduced a young lady. This "shocking" lack of being in the know
> of our present culture appears in a book by New York Times
> reporter Frank Bruni. It should of course not be a surprise that
> he works in the extreme left environs of the Times with its
> knownhatred of Mr. Bush. FIX THE CIA? NOT WITH MR.TENET AS ITS
> DIRECTOR...and his
> failures in intelligence gathering as in the 1993 attack on
> the World Trade Center, the 1996 bombing of a U.S. military
> barracks in Saudi Arabia, the 1998 bombings of two U.S.
> embassies in Africa, and the October 2000 strike against the
> USS Cole. (per listing by Senator Shelby.) COULD YOU SEE OUR PRESS
> CHALLENGE IKE's...Normandy landing
> problems as they are doing to Bush re his Afghanistan military
> ops? The press would have been blasted by the American people
> for such an attack during a war of national security. It may
> now be time to say to that press, "enough is enough -- stop
> your continual carping attacks on our military while they fight
> for our security. MISSILE WAR ON THE HORIZON ...for the first time in
> more than
> 16 months of fighting, Palestinians fired a rocket into Israel
> from the Gaza Strip. Their expected increase in missiles and
> explosive load size production/use can only result in deadly
> TO"BLINK" dealing with Arafat and his extreme cohorts. PerG.W.'s
> own "war" formula, if you ain't with us...... Yasir is an"enemy," and,
> therefore, ...... WILL THERE BE "GRIDLOCK" IN D.C....because this is
> anelection year?  Let us hope so. LET'S HANG 'EM, THEN TRY 'EM...The
> legend of Judge Roy Bean
> lives on in the U.S. Congress' "investigation/hearings" re the
> ENRON executives. ADD FRANCE TO G.W.'s AXIS??? The more our "ally"
> opposesour "war" the more it becomes evident that they ain't with
> usand,  therefore, in accordance with the Prez's formula, are agin
> us. Ken Wyman
> "One must fight if only to have fought according to
> one's conscience"
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