Food For Thought February 12, 2002

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          thanks for the commentary.

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  My own committee of one says you hit the bulls eye on every shot.

  "Kenneth E. Wyman" wrote: 

    Food For Thought     February 12, 2002 BOUND TO HAPPEN...Dem. Senate leader Daschle and much ofhis party have returned to the "left" to attack President Bush for 
    his tough stance against terrorism via his "Axis of Terror." SIGN OF OUR TIMES...President Bush is in effect a "dolt" due to 
    his failure in not knowing of the cable TV comedy "Sex In The 
    City" or of Leonardo DiCaprio of Titanic fame whose character 
    seduced a young lady. This "shocking" lack of being in the know 
    of our present culture appears in a book by New York Times 
    reporter Frank Bruni. It should of course not be a surprise that 
    he works in the extreme left environs of the Times with its knownhatred of Mr. Bush. FIX THE CIA? NOT WITH MR.TENET AS ITS DIRECTOR...and his 
    failures in intelligence gathering as in the 1993 attack on 
    the World Trade Center, the 1996 bombing of a U.S. military 
    barracks in Saudi Arabia, the 1998 bombings of two U.S. 
    embassies in Africa, and the October 2000 strike against the 
    USS Cole. (per listing by Senator Shelby.) COULD YOU SEE OUR PRESS CHALLENGE IKE's...Normandy landing 
    problems as they are doing to Bush re his Afghanistan military 
    ops? The press would have been blasted by the American people 
    for such an attack during a war of national security. It may 
    now be time to say to that press, "enough is enough -- stop 
    your continual carping attacks on our military while they fight 
    for our security. MISSILE WAR ON THE HORIZON ...for the first time in more than 
    16 months of fighting, Palestinians fired a rocket into Israel 
    from the Gaza Strip. Their expected increase in missiles and 
    explosive load size production/use can only result in deadly 
    Israeli retaliation. WITH ABOVE ESCALATION THE PREZ CAN'T CONTINUE TO"BLINK" dealing with Arafat and his extreme cohorts. PerG.W.'s own "war" formula, if you ain't with us...... Yasir is an"enemy," and, therefore, ...... WILL THERE BE "GRIDLOCK" IN D.C....because this is anelection year?  Let us hope so. LET'S HANG 'EM, THEN TRY 'EM...The legend of Judge Roy Bean 
    lives on in the U.S. Congress' "investigation/hearings" re the 
    ENRON executives. ADD FRANCE TO G.W.'s AXIS??? The more our "ally" opposesour "war" the more it becomes evident that they ain't with usand,  therefore, in accordance with the Prez's formula, are agin us. Ken Wyman 

    "One must fight if only to have fought according to 
    one's conscience"

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