Nation of Islam - A Group of Losers

Jim jnantz at INFICAD.COM
Wed Feb 13 00:42:25 MST 2002

I didn't see the show, but I can imagine how it went.  Anytime I've heard
these nation of Islam people, they go on and on about how evil white people
are and how we're responsible for every problem suffered by any black
person anywhere.  Give some of these goons a chance and they'll probably
blame the massacre in Rwanda on the white people.  For those of you in Rio
Linda,  Half the people in Rwanda took up any heavy, sharp object they
could lay their hands on and proceeded to chop the other half into little

At 07:36 PM 2/12/02 -0600, Richard wrote:
>         Tonight on the <>The O'Reilly
> Factor there was a segment with Minister Tony Mohammed of the Nation of
> Islam (aka scum bags with no life).  You ask any member of this group a
> direct question and they all sound like a recording (same song, second
> verse).  What they are is a loser group of mucus that should be
> terminated with extreme prejudice.  Send these a$$holes back to Africa,
> give them a plot of land and let them run their own jungle any way they
> like it!

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