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Dudley D. Doright f16rsdad at JUNO.COM
Wed Feb 13 00:46:41 MST 2002

from Gun Week magazine

UPI Report Links Kmart Money Woes To Pro-Gun Boycott

United Press International (UPI) has not exactly been friendly to gun
rights over the years, but on the heels of Kmart's announced bankruptcy
filing in January, UPI carried a news item that seemed a bit surprising.

The UPI report suggested that a boycott of the department store chain by
"Pro-Second Amendment activists . . . because of the vocal anti-gun
activity of Kmart spokesman (sic) Rosie O'Donnell" had an impact on
Kmart's collapse.

UPI failed to also mention Kmart's equally foolish moves in pulling
handguns and ammunition off the shelves, which was also seen by
gunowners as a bigoted slap in the face toward firearm civil rights and
the hunting tradition.  Gun Week heard from countless gunowners and
hunters who, in the wake of the announced firearms and ammo sales policy
changes, simply said they would shop

The bigger impact, of course, apparently was in reaction to O'Donnell's
appearance as a Kmart spokeswoman.  After O'Donnell used her afternoon
television program to attack actor Tom Selleck for appearing in an "I'm
the NRA" advertisement, Kmart was flooded with angry calls and mail, and
gunowners mounted a boycott.

O'Donnell eventually parted ways with Kmart (or vice versa), with both
the ultra-liberal talk host and the store claiming it had nothing to do
with the boycott.

UPI noted: "Outraged firearms owners have been encouraging people to
shop at WalMart instead."

That may change, too, apparently because some WalMart stores are also
now pulling some guns and ammunition from their inventories.

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