The Rise of the Empowered Passengers

Jack Tomsky jtomsky at IX.NETCOM.COM
Wed Feb 13 09:39:34 MST 2002

Since the days that Americans went West in covered wagons and knew they
might have to shoot it out in a circle against hostile people, they were
prepared in a way.  Living often alone on the Great Prairies, miles from
another neighbor, the pioneers often had to protect themselves.  The
time passed and then came the days of marvelous machines - of robbers on
the railroads and hijackings of ships or airplanes and passengers became
hostages often for days.  Passengers were killed.  But it was very
difficult for a captor to win anything surrendered by authority on the
airline mat or the military by sea.  Still few passengers had the
courage to do anything but to stay in their seats or their cabins.

Then came September 11th and suddenly passengers realized that it was up
to them to change the situation as best as they could.  Since then more
and more passengers are becoming empowered to act.  To trip, to grab, to
pile on and to capture a nutcase or a terrorist.  We have changed from
being paralyzed unable to act, towards being empowered to save our own
lives and those of others.  The day of the hero has come.  Bravo

Marilyn Tomsky

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