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Wed Feb 13 10:32:21 MST 2002

     From: "Deb" <dittohead at>

     ISSUE:   Liberal  broadcast media outlets and  reporters  --
     such  as Dan Rather -- are exhibiting extreme  bias  against
     President Bush's plan to cut taxes.

     For  example, CBS News' precedent of relaying  only  tax-cut
     opponents' arguments has been well-documented.

     We  need to let the media know that we're sick and tired  of
     their  left-wing  propaganda tactics -- and  that  we  don't
     believe a word they say.

     ACTION  ITEM:  Send an e-mail to the major  broadcast  media
     news  outlets, with a message like this: "I'm tired of  your
     network's  obvious  bias against President  Bush's  tax  cut
     plan.  I've stopped believing anything you report any  more,
     and I'm going to make a point of only watching your competi-
     tion's news programs from now on."

     ABC News:          mailto:daria.hirsch at
     CBS News:          mailto:audsvcs at
     NBC Nightly News:  mailto:nightly at
     CNN:               mailto:cnn.onair at

     NOTE:   Please  forward this message right now  to  as  many
     conservatives and Republicans as possible. They'll  appreci-
     ate knowing how they can help, especially with the important
     speech  that  President Bush is giving  before  Congress  on
     Tuesday night!

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