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Here's an article about Ted's speech:


Turner Calls 9-11 Hijackers 'Brave,' Extols Castro
Claims Comments Reported 'Out of Context'; Reporters Stand Firm
By Jim Brown and Allie Martin
February 13, 2002

(AgapePress) - A media researcher says Ted Turner's recent diatribe to 
students at Brown University is just one more example of the media mogul's 
"far-left" view of the world.

In a lecture at the Ivy League school on Monday night, the AOL Time Warner 
vice-chairman said the September 11 hijackers were "brave," and that 
Americans lack an understanding of a willingness to die for one's country. 
The CNN founder also compared President Bush to Julius Caesar and praised 
Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.
Rich Noyes is director of media analysis for the Media Research Center. 
Noyes says Turner and many of his liberal media colleagues are sympathetic 
to the Cuban tyrant, despite facts that illustrate the human-rights abuses 
committed during Castro's grip on the island nation.

"They seem to forget the plight of political prisoners in Cuba," Noyes 
points out, "or the fact that if this man was so popular, he would have 
allowed a free election at some point in the 40 years he's held control in 
Cuba. Or the fact that there's been a body count to rival Augusto Pinochet, 
the Chilean dictator, in Cuba during the years that Castro's been in charge."

Noyes says Turner does not just have conventional liberal view of the 
world, but rather a "far-left" view -- and he adds that Turner's sympathy 
for communists is nothing new.

"He criticized Ronald Reagan for declaring the Soviet Union 'an evil 
empire'," he says. "The dissidents who were trying to fight the evil Soviet 
system liked it that an American president was finally calling evil 'evil,' 
and that we were finally getting away from being diplomatic about these 
things. It gave them some hope that thing were going to change for the better."

"Ted Turner still thinks that was a bad move," Noyes says. "He would have 
preferred that we would have accommodated the Soviet Union and that it was 
still here today."

Turner also told Brown students the environment will collapse in their 
lifetime, and he called for the U.S. to give more money for AIDS research, 
education, and women's rights in the Third World. In a statement released 
Tuesday night, Turner claims his comments were "reported out of context" -- 
but officials with two local newspapers stand by their stories. The editor 
of The Brown Daily Herald says he attended the lecture and does not think 
anything Turner said was misinterpreted by his reporter.

Patriotism Defended in NJ
While Ted Turner may be more inclined to heap praise upon the likes of 
Fidel Castro, concerned citizens and legislators in New Jersey are taking a 
stand for America's founding fathers. New Jersey's outgoing Education 
Commissioner omitted the names of the founding fathers in a draft of the 
state's proposed history standards. Public outrage was swift as lawmakers 
accused the educational establishment of wanting to hijack history.
Legislators drafted a joint resolution, stating that any teacher who does 
not teach about the founding fathers would lose tenure and employment. 
William Liberera, who became Education Commissioner in January, reversed 
the board's earlier action. And the New Jersey Department of Education will 
hold a series of 30 public hearings over the next few months to discuss the 

Studies have shown that students across the country have forgotten or never 
learned even the most basic lessons of American history. Only 23% of 
university students in one survey correctly identified James Madison as the 
Father of the Constitution.
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