WS>>The Internet Didn't Kill Enron

Thomas Matiska tom.matiska at ATT.NET
Sat Feb 16 08:17:44 MST 2002

Because the Dems and their media activists want to do a
"guilt by association" number on Bush and the Texas
based company.  Never mind the voodoo that led to
Enron's failure dates back to when Tx had a Dem governor
and the regulators in DC worked for a Dem President.
They just suddenly want everything bad to be GW's

The good thing  about not being a Dem is I don't have to
wake up each morning wishing the economy gets worse, or
that a scandal weakens our government.


Dennis P wrote:

> Am I the only one wondering why Enron is getting so
> much attention while Global Crossing, which is almost
> a large and made donations to Democrats that rivals
> Enron's donations to Republicans and Democrats
> combined, is getting almost none?...

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