Media Bias (Was The Internet Didn't Kill Enron)

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Sat Feb 16 14:42:48 MST 2002

Dennis Putnam wrote at 08:50:58 on Sat, 16 Feb 2002
>Am I the only one wondering why Enron is getting so much attention while
>Global Crossing, which is almost a large and made donations to Democrats
>that rivals Enron's donations to Republicans and Democrats combined, is
>getting almost none?

Dennis, I have been wondering the same thing. I guess we really shouldn't,
though, given the totally biased mainstream media - like when Dan (More
Than) Rather (Biased) refused to report on the Gary Condit scandal.

When I learned that the House had passed this horrible legislation driven
by McCain, I despaired at what kind of country my children will be raising
my grandchildren in someday. Are the Repubs who voted for this so stupid
that they can't see that media will be unashamedly campaigning for the
liberal candidates in their "unbiased" reporting??? Isn't it interesting
that the media will have carte blanche during that 60 day period?!

I certainly hope that Geo. W will have the guts to veto this huge assault
on our freedom of speech!

I'm attaching a great cartoon I saw recently.


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(Interestingly enough, along the same line as my post above, our US media
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Since when is the death of royalty not worth mentioning? I suppose she was
no Lady Di, but she was not just a charwoman in an obscure English village

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