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Thomas Matiska wrote at 15:17 PM on 2/16/02 --
>Because the Dems and their media activists want to do a
>"guilt by association" number on Bush and the Texas
>based company.  Never mind the voodoo that led to
>Enron's failure dates back to when Tx had a Dem governor
>and the regulators in DC worked for a Dem President.
>They just suddenly want everything bad to be GW's

You're right, Tom. The media is trying their hardest to make Bush look bad.
I could hardly keep myself from screaming at the TV last night when I heard
Andrea Mitchell, who was reporting on Colon Powell's MTV gaff, proclaim
unequivocally that Powell is more popular than GW. What in the world poll
is she looking at?!?

>The good thing  about not being a Dem is I don't have to
>wake up each morning wishing the economy gets worse, or
>that a scandal weakens our government.

A good thing about being a Dem is that they don't have to worry about their
media partners saying things that would make Dems look bad.

Unfortunately, the Repubs are looking more and more like Dems.

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