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     We need to work hard on this one.  Rino Riorden is being
     deceptively advertised as a conservative by the democrats.

     'Simon Overwhelming Choice at GOP Convention Straw Poll'

          SAN  JOSE  - Bill Simon's campaign for  the  Republican
     nomination for Governor received another boost as the  dele-
     gates  to the California Republican Party  Convention  voted
     overwhelmingly  for Simon as their choice for Governor.  "It
     wasn't  even close," exulted Simon campaign head and  former
     Republican Party Chairman John Herrington.

          Despite  three major candidates in the race, Simon  was
     the  clear choice of the delegates, winning 40% to  32%  for
     Jones  in  second  place. Trailing behind at  28%  was  Dick
     Riordan, whose liberal political views are at odds with rank
     and  file  Republicans. Over 900 Republicans  voted,  making
     participation at the Convention straw poll one of the  high-
     est in history.

          "I  am extremely honored to be the candidate backed  by
     Republican Party members," declared Simon. "My  conservative
     ideas to renew the California Dream are exactly what we need
     to  repair the damage done from Gray Davis' failed  adminis-

          "This  vote  of California  Republicans  reaffirms  the
     support  I've  received across the country  from  Republican
     leaders like Rudy Giuliani, Jack Kemp and William F. Buckley
     Jr.," Simon added.

          Sal  Russo, chief Simon strategist, said "this  tremen-
     dous  outpouring  of support from the rank and file  of  the
     Republican  Party reminds me of the same excitement that  we
     generated  when Ronald Reagan first ran for  Governor.  They
     both speak with clarity to the concerns of Californians  and
     stick  to conservative principles that  resonant  throughout
     the state."

          Joel Strom, statewide volunteer chairman for Simon  and
     former  Bush  statewide chairman said, "Just like  the  Iowa
     straw  poll  gave  President Bush the momentum  to  win  the
     presidency,  I  believe this straw poll victory  today  will
     give Bill Simon the momentum to win the governorship."

          The  results  of the straw poll were made  public  only
     after  an  attempt by the Dick Riordan  campaign  to  thwart
     release  of the vote. Realizing that their  candidate  would
     lose  badly,  the Riordan campaign had tried to  cancel  the
     straw poll or at least delay release of the results until  a
     day  after the convention had ended. With  Republican  dele-
     gates poised to force the release of the straw poll results,
     Riordan's campaign political gamesmanship was put to rest.


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