Isreal vs the Palestineans

Jim jnantz at INFICAD.COM
Mon Feb 18 05:46:43 MST 2002

I just saw something in the paper about the latest raghead to blow himself
up in Isreal.  It seems to me if the ragheads keep it up, the Isrealis will
have no choice but to either kill all the Palestineans or deport them.

If the Isrealis decide to deport the Palestineans, I wonder just how long
it will take them to come to this decison.

Of course the liberals here condemn the Isrealis for "mistreating" the
Palestineans.  I would bet the rent that if one easy to identify group of
people were sending in suicide bombers on a weekly basis to Greenwich
Village, San Fransisco, or any other liberal enclave, that those same
liberals would be demanding the removal of all members of that group.  I
guess this would offer more proof to the saying that a liberal is a
conservative who hasn't been robbed yet.

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