WSJ reporter held hostage

carl william spitzer iv cwsiv_2nd at JUNO.COM
Mon Feb 18 22:13:41 MST 2002

Doing the Alqueda would make us look bad to the world.  Shooting fish in
a barrel is just not sport.
Rather with Isreali help hunt down the PLO and if they run out Hamas 20 a
day until the reporter is home.
Of course you could go gator trawling in the glades or turn them loose in
NY for the first ever Olympic raghead hunt.  Open to police and citizens.
 Trouble is you would need all of Arafats followers as well and the next
olympics we would have to use a city in Iran.

>>From Jim <jnantz at INFICAD.COM>
I heard today that a Wall Street Journal reporter was kidnapped by some
moslems in Pakistan.  They're demanding that Pakistani prisoners held by
the US be released or they'll kill the reporter.

I would like to propose that the following message be sent to these

Release the reporter within 6 hours (to give them time to get him to
civilization from bumfuk egypt) or we will kill 10 of the Pakistani
prisoners that you want released.  An additional 10 will be killed every
hours until the reporter is released.  If we learn that the reporter has
been killed, we will kill an additional 100 prisoners.

These people are savages and need to be dealt with as such.  If we are
to them they see that as a sign of weakness.  All they understand is
force.  We need to kick their asses to get their attention.  These apes
must learn that Americans are not people to be messed with.

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