Two Frivolous Law Suits

carl william spitzer iv cwsiv_2nd at JUNO.COM
Mon Feb 18 21:58:13 MST 2002

It looks like this base commander was obeying not reason nor law but his
own fantasys.

Turn my Cousin SGT Kathy USMC loose over there and any fool who trys to
cop a feal will get his arm broken.
She would not have wined to the admiralty that drunken navy would have
woke up the next week.

 As to the muslam woman who wants her picture tell her no one is allowed
hats etc.

>>From wbwhite <wbwhite at MADBBS.COM>
I hope the courts will not indulge this silly suit.   If she will not
the laws, which are reasonable (and post 9/11, necessary),  she should be
denied the license to drive.

It is ironic that while the Muslim woman is suing to wear her costume in
American license photo, an American female pilot is suing the Defense
Department for requiring her to wear a Saudi scarf and veil, whenever she
travels off base, even when she is on official business like giving pilot
briefings.   Our American female pilot has a good point, and I hope she
in court.  The regulation that she must obey is irrational and arbitrary.
It does not originate with the Saudis or with the US State Department.
originates with some high ranking base commander who needs to update his
consciousness.  No female diplomat or wife of a male diplomat is either
ordered or requested to wear this religious Muslim costume in any Saudi
venue.   Interestingly, Saudi law forbids American service men to wear
piece of the Saudi male costume in any Saudi venue.


Richard A Whitenight wrote:

> There's this Bee Itch in Florida who converted to Muslim, who when
> to remove her veil, so the driver's license bureau could take her
> photograph, she said "No," that it was part of her religion to wear it.
> Well, the driver's license bureau denies her a driver's license,
> there must be a clear picture of the individual's face on the driver's
> license.  So, she's suing the State of Florida.

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