Growing Cancers In The USA?

Richard A Whitenight rum.runner at JUNO.COM
Tue Feb 19 21:48:57 MST 2002

The following are just part of the many cancers growing in America;
cancers that should be removed from the body:

The Nation of Islam (and their leader Louis Farrakhan)
This is a cancer which should be eradicated from your society with
extreme prejudice.

California Liberalism
This cancer gives California Berkeley students the chance to earn two
credits for having group sex in an un-moderated classroom.

Illegal Aliens
This is a cancer which has been allowed to run rampart to the extent that
more than eight million illegal immigrants cross the US and Mexico border
each year.  They take jobs that the following cancer is not willing to

Welfare Recipients
This is a cancer that rewards those who breed babies.  This is a cancer
that rewards unwed mothers and those who don't care to work, when they
know the government will feed them as long as they remain a cancerous

But the worst form of cancer is:

The Democratic Party
This is a cancer that kisses the ass of illegal aliens and welfare
recipients, as long as they are willing to kiss their ass and vote for
them.  This is a cancer that taxes the rich, knowing they pay more than
51% of the taxes.  This is a cancer which believes you don't know what to
do with your own money, that they know how to better spend your hard
earned dollars.  This is a cancer that believes the way you win an
election is to kiss the ass of the low man on the totem pole, in order to
create ethnic divisions.  This is a cancer that will attempt to win the
Presidency at any cost, which included attempts to win the election by
making new laws to meet their needs.  This is a cancer which should be
removed from the body with extreme prejudice.

Of course, these are just my thoughts and do not necessarily represent
the owner of this list (unless it's one of my lists) or its list server.
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