The Star Spangled Banner's words

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The best singer I have heard is Whitney Houston.
I have the CD

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<economic at CEDAR.NET> writes:
>While downloading the Star Spangled Banner tonight (I love that song,
>the way...always have), I started wondering what the rest of the words
>to the anthem were, since most of us never learned anything but the
>first stanza in school, if we learned it at all.
>I looked them up on the net.  The last stanza has a special meaning
>especially appropriate since September 11th.  I thought I'd just post
>here.   Read them and think about it, if you feel the same as I do
>this great country of ours'.  I think it applies to present times more
>than the first stanza, which is more familiar.  I don't know about
>but it brings tears to my eyes hearing it sung by the Mormon

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