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At 12:58 AM 2/22/2002, carl william spitzer iv wrote:

>           By Richard Cohen
>           Tuesday, January 29, 2002; Page A19
>           The principle that the government can and should run a deficit
> to stimulate a sick economy was first propounded by John Maynard Keynes.

         Who was an utter fool!

>This is called Keynesian Economics. The principle that the government can
>and should run a deficit when  it does not have to was developed by George
>W. Bush.

         No, it was developed by House Democrats!

>      This is called Enronian Economics. It should not be surprising that
> Enronian Economics has taken over Washington.

         Gee, what was it called in the '60s? The '70s?!? The '80s?!? How
about the '90s?!?

>Both the Texas-based firm and the Texas-based president have so much in
>common. For one thing, the president was once a friend of Enron's former
>chairman, Ken Lay. He called him Kenny Boy, but since the collapse of the
>firm, he doesn't call him at all.

         This is a verbatim spew of bilge that Michael "I'm Fat, Stupid &
White" Moore vomited on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart".
Those damned liberals all march in lock-step when the opportunity arises,
don't they?
(remaining nonsense snipped, to save blood pressure)

         Now, if you folks really want to see a good, sound explanation of
Economics, go to <>

John Q.
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